March 26,2020

COVID-19 – Vcare Dental Update

March 24,2020 As a community, we are facing unprecedented challenge with the spread of COVID-19. At Vcare Dental we are committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of our patients, our staff and wider community. We are continuing to provide treatment to our patients and want to reassure you that we have always had the highest level of infection control, continue to do so, and have now extended this to the common area and enacted...

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3 Reasons Why Regular Dental Check-Ups Are So Important
December 17,2018

Visiting your dentist for a dental check-up and cleaning may not be a very appealing idea. However, it’s important to have regular appointments at least every 6 months. This is to ensure that your dental health is maintained and any problems are identified and fixed early, saving you money in the long run and giving you peace of mind. V Care Dental details three reasons why regul...

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What a Dental Check-Up and Cleaning Involves
December 14,2018

Visiting a dentist for a dental check-up and cleaning can be daunting when it’s been a long time since your last visit. Many people don’t know what to expect, which causes a lot of stress and anxiety. In reality, a dental check-up and cleaning appointment is quite a simple and stress-free experience. To minimise your anxiety, V Care Dental details what you can expect when you go...

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How to Minimise Dental Anxiety in Children
December 5,2018

Fear of the dentist is something that can affect people of any age, but for children it can be especially detrimental to their dental development and oral health. Dental anxiety can manifest itself in many ways, from dizziness and fainting to cardiac sensations, sweating and trembling. But by working with your children to minimise the fear of going to the dentist, you can help put them in a position where they’re more receptive to receiving professional dental care as they get...

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Tips for Maintaining Your Child’s Dental Health
November 29,2018

Dental health is equally as important for children as it is for adults. By instilling good dental health practices in your child from an early age, they’ll be more likely to carry those good practices through to adulthood. Here are some helpful tips you can implement to help maintain your child’s dental health.

Take Them to the Dentist Regularly

A child should see a dentist within six months of their first tooth emerging. A bulk billing dentist in Frankston li...

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How to Properly Care for Your Dentures
November 26,2018

Do you want to ensure that your dentures are clean? Are you looking for ways to extend the lifespan of your affordable dentures? This blog post, compiled by the highly knowledgeable team at V Care Dental, contains useful tips and suggestions on how to properly care for your dentures. From brushing and rinsing on a daily basis through to using specialised denture cleaners and more, there are various methods you can...

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Signs You Might Need Dentures
November 21,2018

Dentures are artificial teeth that are designed to replace your natural teeth. There are numerous signs that indicate you might need dentures, such as loose teeth, chewing difficulties, and inflamed gums. A dentist can assess the condition of your teeth and provide affordable dentures that are tailored to meet your specific needs. For your convenience, this blog post offers information about the various signs you ...

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4 Tips for Easing a Toothache at Home
August 10,2018

Toothaches can be very unpleasant, ranging from mild soreness through to debilitating pain that affects your day-to-day activities. They’re most commonly caused by cavities, but they can also occur as a result of infection, exposed tooth roots, gum disease and loose fillings. If you’re suffering from a toothache, it’s recommended that you make an appointment with an after hour dentist at the earliest opportu...

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Reasons Why You Might Need to Visit an After Hour Dentist
August 2,2018

There are various reasons why you might need to visit an after hour dentist. Perhaps you’ve had an accident while playing contact sports that’s resulted in chipping a tooth, or maybe you have an infection that’s causing you excruciating pain. Fortunately, an after hour dentist can provide assistance and attend to your situation any time of the day, helping to prevent permanent damage and red...

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Reasons Why You May Need an Emergency Dentist
June 22,2018

There are numerous reasons why you may need an emergency dentist at short notice. For example, you might have broken a tooth from a physical trauma while playing sports, or you may have developed an unexplained toothache that causes debilitating pain. Fortunately, an after-hours dentist can provide effective pain relief solutions and other treatment options when unexpected dental problems occur – no matter what ...

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