Signs You Might Need Dentures
Signs You Might Need Dentures
November 21, 2018
Signs You Might Need Dentures

Dentures are artificial teeth that are designed to replace your natural teeth. There are numerous signs that indicate you might need dentures, such as loose teeth, chewing difficulties, and inflamed gums. A dentist can assess the condition of your teeth and provide affordable dentures that are tailored to meet your specific needs. For your convenience, this blog post offers information about the various signs you might need dentures.

Your Gums are Inflamed and Bleeding

Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. Whether you’re suffering from the early stages of gingivitis or from more severe periodontal disease, unhealthy gums can endanger your teeth and increase the possibility of dentures. Leaving these conditions untreated will almost certainly lead to bone loss and tooth loss, necessitating dentures as a corrective measure.

Loose Teeth and Wide Gaps

Are you noticing your teeth shifting position? Can you identify gaps between teeth where gaps haven’t previously existed? It’s possible that advanced gum disease and other oral health problems have caused bone loss. Affected teeth may need to be extracted before more serious problems develop, after which artificial dentures can be fitted.

You’ve Lost One or More Teeth

There are numerous ways people can lose one or more of their teeth, such as from inadequate cleaning habits over many years or from physical trauma. Missing teeth require prompt attention from a dentist, many of whom can provide affordable dentures that relieve the pressure on remaining teeth and help you maintain your daily routine without any problems.

Difficulty Chewing Hard Foods

Are you struggling to chew harder foods? Do you experience pain or discomfort while eating chewy foods? This can be caused by cracked teeth, missing teeth, cavities and gum disease. These conditions require immediate attention to avoid more severe ailments down the road. Dentures are also a possible solution to restore any missing teeth that may be making it hard to chew.

Identify the Signs Today

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