How to Minimise Dental Anxiety in Children
How to Minimise Dental Anxiety in Children
December 5, 2018
How to Minimise Dental Anxiety in Children

Fear of the dentist is something that can affect people of any age, but for children it can be especially detrimental to their dental development and oral health. Dental anxiety can manifest itself in many ways, from dizziness and fainting to cardiac sensations, sweating and trembling. But by working with your children to minimise the fear of going to the dentist, you can help put them in a position where they’re more receptive to receiving professional dental care as they get older. Bulk billing dentist in Frankston V Care Dental provides some helpful tips on how to reduce dental anxiety in children so they can enjoy optimal oral health and hygiene for years to come.

Give them Relaxation Techniques to Practice

Relaxation techniques can be helpful for people of any age when they’re about to do something that has a certain level of stress or fear attached to it, and a visit to the dentist is no different. Providing children with effective relaxation techniques can help to calm them before they settle into the dentist’s chair. Such relaxation techniques might include deep breathing or muscle tension and release exercises to reduce anxiety.

Provide Them with as Much Information as Possible

An informed patient is often a more confident patient, and that confidence can help significantly in minimising dental anxiety. Sourcing any information on the particular procedure or treatment your child is receiving and sharing it with them can instil a feeling of predictability, alleviating the uncertainty that’s often at the core of any feeling of anxiety or fear.

Get Involved with Your Children

Children often look to their parents or other adults to emulate their behaviour, so if they can see you visiting the dentist, asking questions and being proactive in maintaining good dental hygiene, they’re likely to feel less anxious about their own dealings with the dentist.

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