Smile Design in Frankston & Patterson Lakes

Smile Design in Frankston & Patterson Lakes

In recent years, dental care has been revolutionised by the development of new computer technologies. At V Care Dental, we’re proud to offer smile design in Frankston and Patterson Lakes. Originally developed by Brazilian dentist Christian Coachman, this innovative approach to dentistry has increased the satisfaction that our patients experience.

Smile design dentistry involves using computers to design crowns and veneers that are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of our patients. Our smile dentist in Melbourne also has the ability to showcase the results using accurate computer generated images. This gives our patients the opportunity to have input and offer approval before the procedure is conducted.

The Benefits of Smile Design

There are numerous benefits to using smile design dentistry for a smile make over in Melbourne. Patients often feel that they lose all sense of control when visiting a dentist, but smile design gives them back some of that control. They can help shape and ultimately approve the proposed design of the crowns or veneers. This helps ensure that they are satisfied with the results.

Smile design is also useful for dental professionals. Our technicians will know exactly what to make once a design has been approved by the patient, ensuring that the job is done correctly the first time. We can therefore prevent miscommunication, minimise delays, reduce complications and avoid disappointment.

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